Art is about filling your home with more of what makes you whole and less of what doesn’t.

More handmade. More meaning. More beauty. More joy. You crave connection and want to be reminded of life’s best moments. You want art that grabs your attention and sparks thought and conversation.

I believe art isn’t just about being pretty. It’s about life. Real life. And helping you find beauty in everyday living. Let’s elevate the everyday, shall we?

Stephanie Kirkland artist

Hey there!

I’m Stephanie, an artist inspired by fresh air and expansive landscapes. I have a feeling you’re a lot like me: enamored with life, and you relish soaking it in. You love cross-country road trips and skies full of stars. Elaborate dinners full of heartfelt conversation. Art and music that makes you feel. Can we be friends? That’s what makes my heart patter, too.

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