Stephanie Kirkland artistHey there!

I’m Stephanie, an artist inspired by fresh air and expansive landscapes. When I’m not painting, you’ll find me hiking and camping and planning my next road trip  (usually involving mountains).

I feel most alive when I’m outside with the sun on my face and wind in my hair, so…

I paint to bring the outside in, to breathe that fresh air into your home, office, and life through my artwork.

How did I get here?

It was a winding road that led me to painting. I grew up a writer and musician—a natural creative with a love of all things expressive—but it wasn’t until college that I discovered art. One class quickly turned into two, then a minor, and eventually a second major.

When I graduated, life took over and painting fell by the wayside, but I continued to pay attention and be moved by my surroundings. Immediately after graduating, I juggled the stress of teaching in a low-income school (the hardest year of my life) and found respite in the stark beauty of rural Alabama. I remember the way the sun would rise, the fog would melt, and the light would change on the backcountry road I drove to work every morning.

When I started painting again, these were the moments my paintbrush naturally gravitated towards—moments when your surroundings peak and relax your senses at the same time. Moments of energetic calm, if you will.

My work could be described as capturing natural beauty. I don’t deny it—in fact, I love being outside, so I often steal inspiration from the light, colors, and textures I find outdoors. But I also value brutal honesty and life’s stark contrasts and the raw and rough edges of our otherwise beautiful planet, so my paintings are also a little rough and brazenly bold. I like to think of them as beautiful reminders to be grateful for life as it is, no matter how messy and raw it may be.

Learn more about what inspires and influences me here.

The Process

Working with me almost always starts with a conversation about color. How certain colors make you feel. What colors remind you of a particular memory, place, or experience. My work relies on these questions to help me identify colors that speak to you and bring you joy. From there, my paintings often take on lives of their own as spontaneity and instinct tell me what’s working, what isn’t, and what feeling I’m capturing through paint.

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Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art and English, summa cum laude
Concentrations in Painting and Drawing
The University of Alabama

Select Exhibitions

2018 West Alabama Juried Show, Cultural Arts Center Gallery, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (juried)

2018 55th Annual Bluff Park Art Show, Bluff Park, Hoover, Alabama (juried)

2018 Water of Alabama, PaperWorkers Local, Birmingham, Alabama (juried)

2018 Paper/Work, Salmon Library Gallery, Huntsville, Alabama (juried)

Special Projects

2018 Mural, Arty Party Gala, Regions Field, Birmingham, Alabama


Oxford, England
Hoover, Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
La Habra Heights, California
Urbana, Illinois
New Orleans, Louisiana
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Fort Worth, Texas
Spring, Texas
Onalaska, Wisconsin